The sole aim of " DAKSHINYA" is to strive for the welfare of the persons with Mental Retardation, Cerebral Palsy, Autism and associated Multiple disabilities, by scientifically training them to be self reliant and socially productive, and to transform the dis-ability of mentally retarded children in to ability so as to try for their sustainability in the society both economically and socially.


To establish, maintain and regulate the affairs of the Institution for the health care, protection & rehabilitation of the Socially, Physically and Mentally challenged children etc.

To promote literacy, educational, scientific and cultural activities by establishing, maintaining and regulating different institutions like technical, medical, para-medical, academic, research and such other institutions.

To organize seminars, workshops and camps

To establish schools / colleges / technical institutions and welfare centers for the needy people.

To arrange homes for the PLWHAs ( People Living With HIV/AIDS) and Old Aged persons

All objectives of the society are non-political, non-racial and non-tribalistic.