Day Care Center

Right from its inception, the Institute has been maintaining a Day Care Center (special school) for the Mentally Retarded children. The children getting special education from this program are classified according to educational background as ‘Educable’, ‘Trainable’, ‘Custodial’ and ‘Care Groups’. Special Education and other related rehabilitation services like Physiotherapy, Speech therapy and Yoga & Dance therapies are offered to these children. At present 264 children are availing these benefits.

 Hostel/Residential Facilities

Systematic special training facilities have been provided, for about 50 children hailing from different parts of the state like Karimnagar, Warangal, West Godavari, Krishna, Prakasam and Guntur district areas. By admitting them in the hostel, with the help of qualified Special Educators and Caretakers they are being trained in different personal skills like, brushing, toileting, bathing etc. Free boarding, lodging and uniforms are given to these children and qualified Psychiatrist & Pediatrician undertake regular medical check-ups.

 Vocational Training center

Depending on the interest, family background and learning capabilities of the adult Mentally Retarded Individuals, training in the following vocations are imparted to help them to earn their living for about 40 trainees.

  • Chalk piece making Click here to enlarge
  • Candle making
  • Machanized Leaf plate making
  • Manufacturing of phenyl
  • Manufacturing of detergent powder
  • Tailoring unit


 Early Intervention center

These services are intended to provide preventive, curative and remedial services for children of the age range of 0 to 6 years with delay in milestones development for about 40 children. A team of professionals consisting of early intervention specialists, development therapist , speech therapist social, worker and pediatrician carries out this program. Early Intervention programme provide individualized care by helping the child to achieve full potential. At present these activities are undertaken as...

  • Center based and
  • Home based programmes


 Samarth – Centre Based Scheme

This Service is launched with the support of National Trust (Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment), New Delhi for the Welfare of the families having persons with Mental Retardation, Autism, Cerebral Palsy and Multiple disabilities.

It includes residential services - both short term (respite care) and long term (prolonged care). Activities in Samarth Centre consist of early intervention, special education, pre-vocational and vocation training, recreation sports etc. 

 Home based training programme

In this program the family members of Mentally Retarded are given comprehensive training by a team of highly qualified professionals, periodically both at the institute premises and at their homes alternatively.

 Assessment and Diagnostic center

The Institute has a special diagnostic and assessment center consisting of a pool of well qualified professionals, who work together to assess and diagnose individuals according to their impairment, and severity. Apart from this, psychological tests are being conducted to assess the intelligence, self help skills, personal skills, social skills, academic skills, language skills and motor development of the child.

Integrated Education Services

Children, who are able to cope up with normal stream to a large extent, are integrated in normal school and a periodic follow up is made to record their progress. In this service some of the children are trained under the guidance of a teacher through out the year and they are prepared to appear for NIOS (National Institute of   Open Schooling) examination.   

Individual and Group Counseling Services

The institute offers counseling services by trained psychologist, to the family members having individuals with mental retardation, depending upon their family needs, either individually or in-group.

 Pre-Vocational Training

Pre-Vocational training is provided to the Mentally Retarded individuals within the age group of 14-18 years. These children will undergo a transition programme, where the skills already learnt, in the school are transferred to vocational activities.

 Training Program to Family Members
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Regular training & orientation programmes for parents, grand parents, siblingsand care- takers of Mentally Retarded individuals are conducted, which facilitate them to learn about the needs and necessities of the Mentally Retarded individuals.
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Workshops and Seminars

The Institute organizes workshops and seminars to orient the regular School Teachers, Village Health Workers, Social Workers and Anganwadi Workers so as to orient them in early identification, assessment and training of disabled individuals.



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