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…From Common Man to Great Achiever……

If somebody is sick in the family, one approaches a good doctor, enlists specialists attention, admits the patient in a good Hospital…but…does anybody “Construct” a Hospital?

Generally No….impossible But that is exactly what Talupunuri Venkateswara Rao (T.V.Rao) has done when he was not satisfied about the facilities available in most of the Institutions, to admit his unfortunate two Mentally Handicapped daughters. Thus born are the “Dakshinya” Institutes for the Mentally Handicapped at Guntur, way back in 1995, Now a Household name in the service of the “Mentally Handicapped”. This he could do, not because he is rich and affluent ….not because he is highly influential and with great background. In fact, T.V. Rao’s is an ordinary family and a humble beginning.

At a Glance

Dr. T.V. Rao born on 22nd July 1956 Son of Soldier…Ward of a Teacher Brought up in rural background Educated in normal ZP School,

1. Humble begining
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Message From Founder & Chairman

God Created people in various styles. Some people with complete ability and some multiple disabilities. But nobody is taking care about his fellow neighber. Everybody is trying to develop him or herself only. Who will take care about disable ? that's why god lifted up some people like Dr.T.V.Rao, a father of two mentally challenged children to transform their disablitity into ability.

Aim to Hardwork

With Hard work and Dedication, he became ….a Group-1 Officer of A.P. State Govt. …a State level Sports person and Sports Organizer…a proven Administrator and above all … a well known Voluntary Social Worker.